Organic Grass Fed Beef

Here at Dirty Spur Cattle Company we raise pure bred Texas Longhorns to be sold as breeding stock to other breeders across the country. When one of our animals doesn’t have the horns we need to bring home big money at the auction house, we slaughter the animal and sell the beef to our local community. 

Since we are raising show cattle, our Longhorns are the best quality beef we know of. They are 100% organic grass fed beef that have never been given any type of hormones or antibiotics. We sell meat by the quarters, halves or full cows. You will get beautiful big roasts, steaks, and hamburger meat that is extremely lean. (Our meat has been tested at 92-98% lean) 

If you are not interested in purchasing a full cow, or even part of one, we also sell hamburger meat by the pound. (Also 92-98% lean) 

Please contact Mike at (801) 361-3542 in order to place an order today! We always have meat available.