History of Dirty Spur Cattle Company

Dirty Spur Cattle Company was founded in June of 2007 by Mike New and Rhett Edmonds, two friends who’ve known each other their whole lives. On our first day as a company, we purchased 3 heifers from Scott Pace and brought them home to the ranch in Grantsville, Utah.

Not too long after that we moved the herd to Highland, Utah where we remain today. Since our foundation, our love for texas longhorns has grown each and every day.

Our knowledge of the industry continues to expand as we study blood lines daily, inquiring about the best of the best in the industry, and traveling the country in search of the most complete longhorns in the world. This business has become our obsession and we truly look forward to the new calves each and every spring.


Our Team

  • Mike New
    Mike New
    Mike New was born and raised in San Jose, California....
  • Rhett Edmonds
    Rhett Edmonds
    Rhett Edmonds was born and raised in San Jose, California....
  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor is our ranch manager at Dirty Spur Cattle...
  • Taylor Kofford
    Taylor is a ranch hand at Dirty Spur Cattle Company....