Birthday Surprise

Whelming Showtime x FA Birthday Girl

Date of Birth: 10/04/2004
Owner Name: Dirty Spur Cattle Co.
Breeder: Cottonwood Creek Ranch

Tip to Tip: 73.0″
Date of Measurement: 12/03/2016

Total Horn: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Base: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Price: $2,500

Birthday Surprise has timeless, classic genetics. She is a big girl and has a ton of horn. At 73.0″ tip to tip and a ton more total horn, she is something special in the pasture. Her dam was well over 70″ at maturity and growing horn at the rate of almost 1″ per year up to age 18. So far Birthday Surprise is outpacing her dam by quite a bit. We have two JR Matrix heifers out of her that are turning out to be fantastic, both projecting into the low 70’s tip to tip. In 2013 she gave us a really nice Jamakizm heifer that we absolutely love. That heifer is now 3 years old and is projecting to be in the low 70’s as well. She gave us another heifer last year out of Pearl Jam (Silver Bullet x RR Ranch Chick) with awesome coloring! Talk about a producer! That’s 4 heifers in a row all projecting into the 70’s.

On February 24th, 2016, Birthday Surprise gave birth to a stout brindle bull calf out of Clear Cut that looks a lot like her. We’re excited to see him grow and thicken up!

Birthday Surprise was successfully pasture bred to Gold Mine and will give us a Gold Mine calf between September 21st and November 9th, 2017.