DSCC Black Ruffles

Tuff’s Ruff ‘N Rowdy x CLR Silver Fox

Date of Birth: 05/26/2017
Owner Name: Dirty Spur Cattle Co.
Breeder: James Wilkins

Tip to Tip: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Total Horn: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Base: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Price: $3,000

DSCC Black Ruffles is a young black and white lineback heifer. Her sire is an awesome son of Cowboy Tuff Chex (101.25″) out of FL Rio Maxine (80.0″). Her dam is a beautiful grulla cow with a pedigree full of grulla animals both top and bottom. Black Ruffles has 8 over 80 inch animals in her pedigree including one over 100 inches and one over 90 inches. One 100 inch bull (Cowboy Tuff Chex 101.25), one 90 inch cow (BL Rio Catchit 97.5), one 80 inch bull (JP Rio Grande 80.875) and three 80 inch cows in the pedigree (BL Poco Bueno 80.0, LCR Buena Joya 80.875, and FL Rio Maxine 80.0). We are excited to have her in our herd and can’t wait to watch her develop.