DSCC Redemption

Joe Kid x Covenant

Date of Birth: 04/15/2017
Owner Name: Dirty Spur Cattle Co.
Breeder: Kathy Palladini

Tip to Tip: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Total Horn: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Base: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Price: $3,500

DSCC Redemption is a pretty, red heifer with specks of white all over her body. She has specks all throughout her pedigree on top and bottom. Redemption is a combination of Dickinson breeding on top and Burton breeding on the bottom. Her sire, Joe Kid, is a Jubal Jangler son out of the 90 inch Jester cow owned by the Dickinsons. Her dam is a gorgeous, speckled daughter of Samaritan, bred by the Burtons. DSCC Redemption has 3 over 80 inch animals in her pedigree including 2 over 90. (Jester 90.0, Shadow Jubilee 91.5 & Overkill 80.0) We are excited to have her in our herd and can’t wait to see her produce pretty colored calves.