Over Duty

Super Duty x Over Lap

Date of Birth: 05/22/2008
Owner Name: Dirty Spur Cattle Co.
Breeder: Dickinson Cattle Co.

Tip to Tip: 75.0″
Date of Measurement: 12/03/2015

Total Horn: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Base: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Price: $2,200

Over Duty is a fantastic cow out of Dickinson Cattle Company. She is a Super Duty daughter out of Over Lap, who is a Victory Lap daughter out of an Overhead daughter. Over Duty has a HUGE body, and great flat twisting horns that roll out nicely. She is the biggest cow we have ever owned and also one of the most gentle. We sure are excited about this great cow and what she brings to the table for our program. With 75 inches tip to tip of awesome rolling horns, she’ll do real nice for us. Over Duty gave us a beautiful bull calf out of PCC Front Runner that was born on February 6th, 2017. He has herd sire written all over him! We are excited to grow him out and see how he develops.

Over Duty is currently being exposed to our Horn Showcase Champion DSCC Tombstone.