RJF Single Lady

CR Single Action x Steel Rim Rock

Date of Birth: 09/16/2016
Owner Name: Dirty Spur Cattle Co.
Breeder: Alex Dees

Tip to Tip: 24.00
Date of Measurement: 08/10/2016

Total Horn: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Base: ???
Date of Measurement: ???

Price: $7,000

We bought this very promising September 2016 heifer with big time genetics from Bentwood Ranch. Her sire is Single Action, who was a Concealed Weapon son bred by Alex Dees, who tragically died too young in life. His offspring has been incredible! Her dam is Steel Rim Rock, who is a Rim Rock daughter on top of Bob Loomis breeding, that sold for $28,000 at the 2016 Horn Showcase. Steel Rim Rock measured 71.25″ tip-to-tip at 23 months and is projecting to be 91.25″ at maturity. Single Lady is stacked with big horned cattle in her pedigree. She has 4 over 80’s (Concealed Weapon, Rim Rock, Rio Grande and Horizon) and 2 over 90’s (Horshoe J Example and her dam, Steel Rim Rock, may end up over 90 as well). We’re excited to see what she can bring to our program!

Single Lady will be AI’d to Gold Mine 1 on December 23, 2017.