AI Program & Breeding Strategy

Dirty Spur Cattle Company is extremely focused on improving the quality of the genetics in our herd. We do not own a herd sire and our program is built 100% around artificial insemination to the top bulls in the industry. This allows us to be nimble and also strategically select bulls to breed to each individual cow in our herd. We are strict evaluators of the characteristics in each animal and carefully select the best bull possible to fix some of the flaws we see in our cattle. 

We are confident this strategy will take our herd to the next level quickly and allow us to raise beautiful, elite texas longhorns each and every year. Go check out our new crop of calves under 2017 heifers to see what we mean. We are currently using semen from Cowboy Catchit Chex, 20 Gauge, Fifty-Fifty, Saddlehorn, Gold Mine, Rim Rock, Cowboy Tuff Chex, and Houdini.  We are excited to see our new calves in 2018.