Growing Hay

As part of our strategy here at Dirty Spur Cattle Company, growing and harvesting hay in the summer months is vital to our cattle’s survival during the harsh winters of Utah. We grow and harvest enough hay to allow our cows to thrive through the winter on the best feed available and sell whatever we have left over. We lease approximately 350 acres of land, some of which we use to graze our cows, and some of which we use to grow alfalfa and grass hay. Throughout the summer months we have hay for sale in both small bales as well as one ton bales. We are currently selling small bales of alfalfa/grass mix, one ton bales of alfalfa and one ton bales of alfalfa. Please call Mike at (801) 361-3542 if you’re interested in purchasing hay. This is a picture of one of our fields right before our last cut. 🙂